How to treat a fungus on the legs between the fingers

A common dermatological disease is a fungus between the toes. It often happens to professional athletes that due to increased physical exertion their feet become sweaty and wet, which is a favorable soil for athlete's foot.

This type of fungal infection is more typical of men and is common in summer and also in humid climates.


fungus between the toes

There are several reasons for the appearance of fungus between the toes. The most important include the following:

  • When immunity is weakened and the body lacks vitamins, the fungus begins to activate.
  • Profuse sweating in the legs.
  • Lack of personal hygiene.
  • Wear uncomfortable shoes made of artificial materials.
  • Visit the swimming pool, gyms and other public places where many people go barefoot.
  • Using the things of a person who has a fungus.
  • metabolic disease. diabetes mellitus.
  • Other infectious diseases. By the way, mushrooms can be their indicator.

Symptoms of a fungal infection between the toes

Despite the fact that a fungal infection between the fingers has characteristic common symptoms. We can say that some of the signs of yeast infection can vary slightly from person to person. In general, a person with athlete's foot may have the following symptoms:

  • At first, a slight itching can be observed, which does not bring much discomfort, and therefore a person may not notice it. Gradually it begins to grow and cause fear. Skin reddening occurs.
  • A characteristic symptom of a fungal infection is peeling of the skin, which begins to peel off.
  • The skin cover bursts open, cracks appear with whitish edges. There is a burning sensation.
  • The mycosis begins mainly in the area between the fourth and fifth fingers, and then spreads over the entire leg.
  • Feet start to sweat more and smell bad.
  • The skin on the soles of the feet becomes denser.
  • The appearance of the nails can also change. They begin to peel, various gray and yellow spots appear on them.

If symptoms appear, you should immediately contact a specialist who will prescribe the right treatment for you. A dermatologist will look at the feet, examine the signs, and create a customized treatment regimen that will lead to a person's speedy recovery.

The process of treating the fungus is not quick, and even after the disappearance of all symptoms, one should continue and fully complete the course clearly defined by the doctor. Cured mushroom is the foundation of good health.

How to treat a fungus between the toes: medication

toe fungus symptoms

Pharmacies sell a variety of antifungal drugs in various forms (ointments, creams, gels, solutions and special therapeutic lotions). But before buying them, it is better to consult a dermatologist who will determine the best option for a person.

In addition, some drugs and drugs have contraindications that the doctor will take into account when choosing an absolutely safe treatment. The same applies to folk remedies, the use of which is best discussed with a dermatologist.

During treatment, in addition to the basic drugs, you need to take vitamins and medicinal products to strengthen immunity and improve health. Wash your feet twice a day with tar soap and use disposable towels. If your feet sweat a lot, you need to buy a special powder in a pharmacy, thanks to which your feet will be dry and smell good.

All shoes that you walk in must be thoroughly disinfected, for this they must be treated with vinegar. Air your shoes every day. You can also use a special antifungal disinfectant, which, thanks to the action of ultraviolet light, will remove all fungi and you can safely wear shoes.

Before applying a special ointment, you must first make a therapeutic bath, which will steam your legs well. For example, you can take two tablespoons of grated laundry soap and dissolve it in two liters of warm water. Soak your feet in the bath for fifteen minutes and then give them a good wipe so they are completely dry. Then you can apply the ointment in a thin and even layer, while you need to spread not only the areas infected with the fungus, but also between all other fingers. The same applies if you have only one foot under the action of the fungus, then the second healthy foot will also be treated with preventive therapeutics.

Compresses with Burov's solution help well. For this procedure, cotton pads should be moistened in a solution and placed between the toes for twenty minutes.

Folk remedy for fungus on the legs between the toes

Traditional methods of medicine can be effectively combined with folk remedies to speed up the process of treating fungus.

Before using certain folk remedies, make sure that you are not sensitive to certain medicinal components.

It is better to consult a dermatologist before use.

  • An excellent folk remedy for treating interdigital fungus on the legs are compresses with the addition of birch tar. Before use, you need to steam your feet in soapy water and exfoliate any peeled skin. Then dry your feet well and spread them over the entire space between the toes, nails and any cracks that are on the skin. After an hour and a half, you can wipe the tar. After the procedure, it is not recommended to wash your feet for two days. The course is five times until the fungus is cured.
  • Celandine oil, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, will help to cure the fungus well. First, the feet need to be steamed in hot water with soda. Apply vegetable oil to fingers and nails. It is best to do this process twice a day. The fungus is treated with celandine for about a month.
  • Garlic helps too. It is necessary to cut each of its slices in half, dip in salt and treat areas infected with a fungus. You can also finely chop the garlic, mix with salt and make a compress from the resulting mass.
  • We put a chicken egg in a jar and fill it with seventy-five percent vinegar essence. We put the jar in a place protected from light for several days. When the zest melts, remove the foil and add a teaspoon of butter and mix well. Let the remedy steep for twenty-four hours. You will be given a special ointment that needs to be applied twice a day.
  • A good option for the fungus between the toes can be the regular use of baths with salt and soda. These components are added to a bowl of warm water, tablespoon by tablespoon. It is necessary to support the legs in the bath for two to three minutes, and then rinse them with clean water. Then put on socks soaked in wine vinegar and go to bed with them.
  • You can make a special healing compress, which is best done before bed. To do this, a soft piece of natural fabric must be soaked in a solution of a spoonful of ammonia and a glass of water. Such procedures must be carried out eight to ten times.
  • Within a month you can do therapeutic baths that will help cure the fungus. To do this, pour five tablespoons of ground coffee with one liter of hot water. When the solution warms up, soak your feet for half an hour. Then we pull cotton socks over wet feet and sleep in them. Rinse your feet with cold water in the morning.
  • Fifty milliliters of strong brewed tea mixed with a tablespoon of 9% vinegar. Then dip cotton pads in the resulting solution and wipe the areas affected by the fungus with them. Do this process several times over several weeks.
  • Remedies for fungus on the legs - baths with sea salt. After application, the skin becomes softer. Aloe or celandine juice is rubbed between the toes. You can replace sea salt with apple cider vinegar and then rub the skin with tea tree oil.

prevent athlete's foot

Skin lesions between the toes with a fungus

Let's look at what steps to take to prevent fungus.

  1. Always use your own towels and shoes. Try on new shoes in the store, wear thin socks. Prepare separate shoes for guests.
  2. Lead a healthy lifestyle, drink vitamins and strengthen your immune system.
  3. Sound sleep, at least nine hours, is the key to strong and good health.
  4. Wear shoes made of high-quality natural materials that allow your skin to breathe and your feet to feel good.
  5. Do not go barefoot in crowded public places. After the visit, wipe your feet dry and use special antibacterial agents.
  6. Use your personal manicure set and disinfect it thoroughly.
  7. Change socks and tights every day.
  8. Make sure that your feet do not sweat too much, buy special products against excessive sweating.

Take good care of your health, be positive and take preventive measures.