The best remedy for toenail fungus

yellow toenails for fungal infections

Every fungal disease has an infectious soil. That is, it is caused by pathogenic fungi that most commonly affect the skin or nails (nail plates are essentially modified, keratinized skin). However, if fungal lesions of soft tissues (including skin) can be treated without particular problems, then with the right choice, nail fungus will be treated much more difficult and longer. Especially when it works, that is, for a long time no one has given the disease due attention in the hope that "it will go away anyway". Therefore, instead of treating a neglected, already rooted disease, it is much better to suppress it in the early stages of development. And it is even better to prevent infections! This article will help you with that.

Legs are no less aesthetically important than arms or even the face. Especially in the warm season when open shoes and the beach season come.

But at a time when they become an object of pride and even general admiration for some, they can cause the greatest aesthetic discomfort for others.

It's all about the mushroom. By individually influencing the nail plates on the feet, they not only become unattractive, but also aesthetically unacceptable.

Legs change color and structure, lose their integrity and can give off a bad smell. These are all results of the activity of pathogenic fungi. This cannot be allowed!

And the first thing that needs to be done is to process the information about where exactly this disease can be taken.

Fungal infection methods

Since it is an infection, the infection occurs even in contact with it: either with the direct carrier or with the place it has touched. That means you can get infected:

  • In the bathroom, in the bathtub or in the pool.
  • When wearing shoes, socks or other items of a sick person.
  • With direct physical (physical) contact with him.
  • At the gym or by the river and so on.

If the situation has already arisen, then it is important to know how to get rid of toenail fungus at home. It is important to know what pharmaceutical preparations are.

How does a fungal nail infection come about?

There are many ways of infection. And if fungi get into a humid and hot environment, they can even multiply in it outside of their biological carrier for some time, which only increases their population (concentration) in that particular place and increases the risk of infection from a healthy person in contact with suchPlace.

Therefore, when visiting public places, especially those whose examples were given above, always pay attention to the quality of cleaning, the level of disinfection and the level of service in general.

Damage to the nail plate due to fungal attack

And one more very important point: pay careful attention to your own hygiene (foot hygiene).

Even if the mushrooms come to you, you will have up to 24 hours to get rid of them without any negative effects on your general health.

It is therefore recommended to take preventive measures every time you are at risk (after visiting the gym, sauna, contact with a sick person, etc. ). Choose what suits you best.

The best remedy for toenail fungus

Talking about how to get rid of toenail fungus, it is impossible to avoid mentioning folk remedies, as well as pharmaceutical preparations that have long been used by different generations.

1. Acetic acid (9%)

This is common vinegar. For 1 liter of warm, clean water, take 30 milliliters of vinegar, and for hardened skin of the legs - 45 milliliters of vinegar, and soak your feet in this solution for 15 minutes.

If you have sensitive skin afterwards, it is recommended that you rinse it off under warm running water and dry it thoroughly.

After that, you can apply a moisturizing nourishing cream to your feet or a special antifungal prophylactic cream or agent in another form.

2. Preparations

You can also use antifungal drugs, as well as their analogues, after any situation that increases the risk of infection.

And yet, in terms of your safety, it will be better if you use drugs from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries after pretreating your feet with one of the products made according to folk recipes as in paragraph 1 or in the following paragraphs. . .

3. hydrogen peroxide

You can buy it at almost any pharmacy. For 1 liter of warm water you need about 15 milliliters of peroxide. Apply in the same way as vinegar. It is not advisable to resort to such procedures more than once every 3-4 days.

4. Tea tree oil

It can be used in pure form (if your body accepts it well) or diluted (for 1 liter of water - up to 20 drops of oil).

In its pure form, the oil is applied particularly carefully to the foot - to the nail plates and the area around them. You don't have to wash it off. If you want to use the oil diluted with water, you can do so about every two days.

Photo of toenail fungus symptoms

It is necessary to keep your feet in the solution for up to 20 minutes. Before using undiluted oil, feet should be steamed in warm water, preferably with the addition of small amounts of laundry soap.

5. Strong natural coffee

A very unusual method when you consider that you shouldn't drink coffee but keep your feet in there. It turns out that this drink, beloved by many, has pronounced antifungal properties.

Would you like your feet to exude the most pleasant coffee smell and not be prone to fungal infections?

Then soak your feet in strong natural coffee for 15-17 minutes. The procedure can be carried out daily. The coffee should be a little warm, but not hot!

Preventive measures

So, from the above, you can draw several conclusions that will definitely help prevent:

  • Avoid visiting potentially dangerous (in terms of contamination) locations.
  • If the first rule has not been followed, then take all measures to reduce the risk of fungal infections (vinegar, peroxide, coffee, etc. ).

But and that's not all! These tips will help you protect yourself even more and complete the overall picture of prevention:

  • Boost your immune system in an affordable way: spend more time in the fresh air, avoid severe stressful situations, eat rationally.
  • Get enough sleep and get a good rest, exercise, or keep fit.

Always wear clean and fresh shoes, socks, never borrow them from other people, pay attention to the prevention of feet (it is advisable to wash them with household or special bactericidal soap, which is also used in combating and preventingMushrooms helps).

Shoes can also be treated (about once a week) with a special antifungal agent or with vinegar, peroxide dissolved in water (if this does not damage the shoes).

Visit a dermatovenerologist at least every six months for preventive exams!

How to get rid of toenail fungus with medication

Despite the high effectiveness of folk remedies that are currently available in the arsenal of alternative medicine, the means produced according to modern recipes in pharmaceutical factories are in great demand.

And last but not least - thanks to its really obvious and proven effectiveness.

Let's take a look at the most popular, safest, and fastest. They come in a variety of forms. Most often these are ointments, creams, sprays.

Treatment of toenail fungus

And also - can be applied both externally and externally. If the fungus is neglected, then it is best to combine the use of internal medicines with the use of external means.

A qualified doctor will undoubtedly help you choose the best option for their combination. We will examine what options exist in general.

  1. Oral (for oral administration) drugs. As a rule, they are not used for prophylaxis, but are used for high-quality treatment of the fungus.
  2. Healing fluid. This is quite old already but has proven its effectiveness nonetheless, means. Now it's not as popular as it was a few decades ago. However, some pharmacies produce this liquid on request - with a doctor's prescription. It can be used for both prevention (occasional) and treatment.
  3. Insert. This drug, by and large, does not have a direct destructive effect on pathogenic fungi and harmful microflora. However, it excludes their reproduction, as this completely deprives them of a nutrient medium: With regular use of this paste, the legs do not sweat.
  4. Special antifungal nail polishes. Today they are an alternative to many medicines as they make it possible to avoid infection while taking care of your nails.
  5. Sprays for prophylaxis. They can be used both to treat and to prevent the development of a disease. But if you used the drug for prophylaxis, then you need to go through the completely shortened course, otherwise the next time the remedy may be ineffective.

Disinfection of shoes against nail fungus

This is one of the most important points: shoes must always be dry and clean. It must be cleaned, washed and dried in a timely manner. The above sprays can be used to treat the inside of the shoe.

Advice on treatment with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide solutions was given at the top of the article. You should have several pairs of shoes for the season so you can swap them with the next pair while the previous one is in the disinfecting phase.

Prevention is very important to keep your nails healthy. However, if you notice signs of infection: the nail plate has thinned or, conversely, thickened, changed color, started to peel, etc. It may already be advisable to talk about the treatment.

But remember, the best remedy for nail fungus is to prevent it from occurring. Folk remedies will help you with this.

Review all medications with your doctor.

Take care of yourself and your health. Health!