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  • Dealing with fungal diseases with varnishes. What to look for when choosing a tool. Preparations with which the active substance is most effective.
    24 May 2022
  • Fungal infections of the toes are a very common condition. Why does it arise and how does it manifest itself? How to cure a yeast infection using traditional and folk remediesAnswers in the article.
    23 August 2021
  • What "fairy tales" do not tell "experts" about onychomycosis, a fungal infection that affects the nails. Let's talk about nail fungus without any myths or misunderstandings.
    16 June 2021
  • Cracks between the fingers can be the result of skin and nail fungus: causes, clinical picture, treatment.
    26 May 2021
  • Nail fungus is an onychomycosis that causes deformation of the nails. Learn about the causes and remedies for nail fungus, nail treatment.
    18 April 2021